Alp Liq DIY

Like mixing your own e-liquids, but don't like to wait for the e-liquid to steep in for couple of weeks? Then these products are especially suited for you. Alp Liq DIY concentrated aromas are fully natural and the special Mix n'Vape technology used in production means that our aromas do not need any steeping time after mixing with a base. The newly mixed e-liquid is ready to use right after mixing and gives full flavor straight away. And the fact that the concentrated aromas are natural, means that the flavor will be superior and authentic to real fruits, tobacco or any other real life counterpart of the taste.


All our bases are made of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin of the highest quality. Alchem gives us only the best nicotine. Due to the different PG / VG ratios, your freshly mixed fluids will be perfectly exposed on different types of vaporization devices. The bases are available in 10 ml and 150 ml with different nicotine levels and proportions of PG / VG: Classic 50/50, High VG 30/70 and Super High VG 20/80.


0 nic level 3 nic level

Nicotine boost

Our Nicotine Boost will allow you to increase the total amount of nicotine of your own e-liquids while doing them. You can use it with our Do It Yourself but you can also add it to all already mixed e-liquids!
Now the nicotine level will not be an issue anymore thanks to our Nicotine Boost!

Direction of use:
1 nicotine boost mixed with one of our 150ml bases will increase the amount of nicotine by 1,5 mg.

If you add 1 nicotine boost in a base of 0mg, it will become 1,5mg.
If you add 1 nicotine boost in a base of 1,5mg, it will become 3mg.


20 nic level


All concentrated flavors from Alp Liq are developed exclusively from natural raw materials with the use of Mix n'Vape technology, which allows using the finished liquid immediately after mixing. We are sure that from the whole spectrum of different tastes everyone can find and choose his beloved.

At the moment, 26 tastes are available, packed in 10 ml plastic flasks with children protection. The recommended amount of flavor per 10 ml base is 15-20 drops, then you can add to your taste.

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Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines Mix Ripe, juicy and tasty mix of flavors from exotic apricots, peaches and nectarines
Assorted Apple Mix Crispy and delightful mix of red and yellow apple flavors
Banana Ripe and sweet banana flavor
Cherry Burst Fresh and sweet cherry flavor
Chocolate Pudding Creamy chocolate pudding flavor
Creamy Cappuccino Creamy cappuccino flavor
Double Melons Mix Refreshing mix of sweet and ripe melons flavor
Energy Drink Sweet and sour energy drink flavor
Eucalyptus Fresh and minty eucalyptus flavor
Exotic Fruits Mix Banana, coconut, pineapplepeach and melon mixed flavor
Forrest Berries Sweet and refreshing mix of forest berries flavors
Grape Mix Mix of sweet red and juicy yellow grape flavors
Macaron And Postashe Mix Crispy and sweet mix of macaroon cookie and pistachio flavor
Mint The taste of fresh classic mint
Passionate Passion Fruit Magnificent fresh taste of passion fruit
Pina Colada Goodness Sweet and fragrant taste of colada pina
Pineapple Sweet and juicy pineapple taste
Raspberry Fresh raspberries flavor
Refreshing Menthol Refreshing and crisp menthol flavor
Strawberry Fressh strawberry flavor
Strawberry And Cream A wonderful and gentle mix of fresh strawberry and whipped cream flavors
Tobacco Type Blond Soft tobacco leaves flavor
Tobacco Type Dark Strong tobacco leaves flavor
Tobacco Type French Medium soft tobacco leaves flavor
Tobacco Type Max Blend Rich tobacco with hints of nuts flavor
Tobacco Type Cigarillo Cigarillo flavor