Alp Liq Can-Can

The Alp Liq Can-Can collection is created especially for lovers of a thick and delicious couple! Thanks to the high content of vegetable glycerin (PG / VG 20/80), you can create incredibly huge and thick clouds of steam, without worrying about the fact that your liquid will quickly end, because specially for you we provide it in large 150 ml bottles! The flavor assortment is limitless, our fluids can be quickly mixed together, and this gives an opportunity for unlimited taste experiments!!

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La Mysterieuse

La Mysterieuse: A sweet and fruity taste which make her an unstoppable seducing girl…
Taste: strawberry & cream

La Voluptueuse: A fruity and subtle blend that will delight those who dare to approach her…
Taste: melon and exotic fruits

La Voluptueuse

L'Intrigante: A crunchy and tender woman at the same time. Few will be able to resist her…
Taste: Macaron and Pistachio